Public and Private healthcare

Public health is the basis of our growth. First thing we learned is that the Service is one of the fundamental aspects of our work. To keep faith at this value, we always offer a technical support to our customers, for the use of the marketed tools. Our activity revolves around this.

From an initial approach to the cardiology, anesthesia and resuscitation department, we focused on surgical units where the new frontiers, in addition to a surgery less intrusive than before, are increasingly more towards a diagnostic imaging of a three dimensional type; this makes the surgeries, specifically the most complex ones, safer and quicker.

We pay special attention to the departments that gravitate around the operating unit, such as anesthesia and emergency care, with more and more innovative disposals, sterilization centers with products increasingly innovative and efficient, and inpatient wards in general.

We can provide many viable solutions even in the world of private healthcare.
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