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In every laparoscopic surgical procedure, the hot saline solution is essential to clean up and heat the scope.

For over 15 years, GHOTO is present in operating theaters to keep warm the saline solution up to three hours, reducing surgical times, increasing the safety and reducing consumption.

The new model, n’GHOTO, is fully reusable with no disposable parts, can be sterilized up to 134°C, has a protection silicone disc to reduce the risk of damaging the optics.

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Misport has been studied in detail specifically for inspections and surgical procedures in the anorectal canal.

It is composed by a white anoscope in order not to reflect the light, the handle is shaped to facilitate the grip and to improve the vision of the anorectal canal to the operator.

May be added an introducer that provides the functionality of insertion of anal dilators which facilitate access to the anorectal canal and two spatulas particularly useful in the STARR procedure.

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