About us

Alker medicale is an active company operating in the hospital setting since 2001; it was born thank to the twenty years experience of its founding members.

From the very beginning we focused on customer service, making it a prerogative of our way of working, combined with the study of one of the best and most innovative solutions regarding personal care and wellness.

We were among the first to spread the knowledge of Laparoscopic Surgery and of the advanced systems regarding the use of electric current in the surgical activity.

We realized the n’GHOTO, a thermal container, present in most of the operating rooms, practically essential in the laparoscopic procedures.

Alker medicale is completely oriented towards the national and international hospital and healthcare sector, as an organization able to commercialize, assist, design and create medical devices, in order to be able to cope with a range of needs of the health care workers.

Facing the market of medical devices, Alker medicale focuses on the development of:

  • rules defined internationally, nationally and regionally;
  • specific Community legislation;
  • National Health Service

without neglecting the innovative image of the products, which is its focus.

Quality is the fundamental pivot around which the organization revolves, an organization that wants to be an important player.
That is the reason why our company has implemented the Quality Management System according to the standard UNI EN ISO 13485:2016, with the aim of maintaining and improving its organization in all its components.

We use principles of complete loyalty, fairness and transparency with our customers, establishing relationships of trust which traditionally has been one of our hellmarks.
That is why we adopted, also according to the standard D.Lgs. n. 231/2001, an internal Ethical Code in order to ensure that any conduct is based on those principles.

Occupational safety is fundamental in a good organization. A careful and rigorous training is always guaranteed in order to ensure internal Staff (and any casual visitor from outside) security, as indicated in the Act for the Safety D.LGS. n. 81/08.

In order to ensure its mission, focusing on the development of new products, Alker medicale absorbs, in 2019, Clastemed S.r.l., a company active in the design and production of medical devices.

The search for new solutions, even totally natural, regarding healthcare in all its aspects, encouraged us to realize the line of food supplements BenessereMoringa, made of Moringa Oleifera, a plant with miraculous characteristics.